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Department of Military Science


The Department of Military Science offers courses which are applicable to all branches of the United States Army and through which a student can earn an academic minor. These courses give students a broad knowledge of Army management, leadership, and technical skills thereby preparing them for Army commissions as well as providing leadership and management skills sought throughout the civilian sector. The objectives of producing officers through the ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) program are to:

  • Provide officers a broad educational base
  • Provide a basic military education for students
  • Teach basic fundamentals and techniques of leadership and management
  • Develop, in conjunction with other academic disciplines, individual character and attributes required of an officer in the US. Army

Army ROTC is a college elective that you take with your other college courses. Normally, ROTC covers four years, with two years devoted to the Basic Course and two years to the Advanced Course. In ROTC, students learn self-discipline and study skills, combined with the greatest opportunity for excitement. ROTC offers you the opportunity to: make new friends, conquer physical and mental challenges, and develop the confidence to succeed anywhere.

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